Benefits of doing yoga outdoors

Benefits of doing yoga outdoors

#1: Promotes a healthy immune system

In nature, your surroundings, the air you breathe, the temperature you experience, the wind you might feel and the vegetation around you can all become valuable natural stimuli which will help promote a healthy immune system.

#2: Burn more calories

In nature your body has to face more resistance, like: uneven terrain ,wind, heat, etc. all these elements will become a test for your balance, gait, muscle strength and overall skill set. A climate-controlled environment does not supply the same level of challenge to your body hence why practicing outdoors can be a great way to increase the calories you burn.

#3: Promotes feel-good vibes

Practicing outdoors can lower your overall stress levels, help you gradually improve your energy and even increase your enthusiasm, thus keeping your motivation level up.The feel-good vibe it promotes can be an awesome way to charge your batteries before facing all those long days of being stuck at the office.

#4: Mind, body, nature connection

While practicing yoga outdoors, you get to connect with nature on a deeper level. It is a chance to know your mind and body better, the comfort zones, the limits, the struggles and the strengths that come from a practice done in nature. You also have the chance to be connected to your environment, increase your awareness, breathe in rhythm with your surroundings and embrace your weaknesses in order to evolve and progress.


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